Our mission

The continuous phone calling, the lunches and the meetings were simply not building relationships they way they did. My colleagues and I have been startled more than once at the lackluster attendance of what promised to be well-attended road shows.

That’s when we took a close look at the way we were qualifying prospects and asking ourselves, “Isn’t there a better way?”

As we looked at the abundance of public domain tools, we were surprised how few financial services firms were using them in a robust, engaged manner. That’s when we decided to explore the better practices and the successes of the early adaptors who are using these tools — while creating a forum for financial professionals to share and support each other as the social media juggernaut sweeps all before it.

I have built the sales materials for more than 50 companies

A word about John Drachman John Drachman is an English major, poet, journalist, marketing copywriter, branding expert, creative director and team leader.

From strategy to creativity to deliverable, he has helped scores of clients uncover and articulate their unique offerings, as he developed their brand identities and content.

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Social media directions for financial professionals

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