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Is the outlook for Outlook done, done, done?

According to PC Authority, Outlook’s days may be drawing to a close. With Google giving away similar applications for free online, what’s there not to like about finally getting rid of Outlook.

Shaun Nichols writes:

Microsoft doesn’t often get much credit for its innovation, particularly on our top ten lists, but Office is a product that the company has always done well. No, they didn’t invent the word processing application or spreadsheet tools, but Microsoft was the first company to see how all of those tools could be packaged together in a complimentary suite.

Before Office, business software was a collection of different applications from seperate vendors, and with all of the compatibility and interoperability issues that came with that. By tying everything into a bundle, the company was able to offer a simple collection that could be uniformly installed on every workstation, giving users a complete kit no matter what the specifics of their job required.

Sure, Office did eventually become a ridiculously bloated package of little-used programs and features that did nothing but eat up tons of hard drive space, but by then it had become an essential tool for users, both home and enterprise.

These days, there are a host of other suites to choose from. One can opt for a software platform such as iWork or Open Office, or you can use a web-based service such as Zoho or Google Apps. But Microsoft Office still remains the dominant productivty suite, and those even those who use an alternative product have to grudgingly tip their cap to the folks in Redmond.

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