Is there common ground between financial printing and social media marketing?

Alliance Print Group’s Kitty St. Sauveur has proof there is.

As the printing industry continues to reach for the oxygen mask, one of South Boston’s print production mainstays is feeling pretty good. Why? If the world’s love affair with electronic media is pulling the plug on printing presses everywhere, how come Alliance Print’s Kitty St. Sauveur is smiling?

An old world industry gets a lift from social media

“Printing is about publishing — whether it is on paper or online,” Ms. St. Sauveur said recently. “The cost-efficiencies of adapting content to both online and printing requirements are hard not to admire and support to be truly customer service oriented.”

Today, many firms no longer call themselves brokers, but solution providers or print managers.

She added, “Some buyers are still doing business the way they did it 30 years ago. However, more progressive companies are open to new ideas — like financial social media marketing. People realize that a good solutions provider can bring value to the table to complement their staff.”

Ms. St. Sauveur has been one of the print world’s leaders in the trend toward becoming solution providers first, purveyors of fine ink on paper second. To that end, she has sought out a number of like-minded print and communications media professionals to strike up new and lucrative partnerships. One of her business development initiatives led her recently to Highcrest Media LLC, where — to date — she has racked up an impressive number of case studies based on repurposing electronic content for both print and the Internet.

“These efforts are helping clients rethink the relationship between offset printing and electronic content delivery,” she added. “From customizing textbooks to supplementing automation systems, we believe in giving clients the power to conduct their media and communications programs their way.”

Just this week, Ms. Sauveur launched a blog, Alliance Media Forum, to explore and leverage the energies, talent and vision of communications professionals who wish to bridge the world of print production and social media marketing communications.

“We invite marketing and sales executives to visit our new Alliance Media Forum in beta test and tell us what they think,” she said. “As businesses continue to look at the exciting efficiencies offered by online communications vehicles, most of us in the more traditional manufacturing industries know that we must adapt or die.”

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