Take a sales idea out to the ball park

Many investors have moved to the investment sidelines and are waiting for market conditions to improve.

What does it take to bring investors off of the sidelines? Some courage and a little pep.

Yet, with the average money market fund yielding just over 1%, they may well wonder whether staying on the sidelines will help them meet their longer term investment objectives. Whether an investor is planning for retirement, paying for college tuition or some other long-term objective, money still has to work hard enough for to help pay for these long-term goals.

It’s understandable.

That’s why one investment manager saw that market uncertainties spelled opportunity for three of the firm’s more conservative investments. Over the past year, investors certainly expressed their anxiety and voted with their feet — to cash.

But is a safe haven ever enough? Not at 1%.

That’s where this the idea for this back in the game brochure came from.

But unlike most baseball-themed brochures, this one compared the emptiness of a ball park to the legions of missing spectators/investors who are not even standing in the stadium/market. What will it take move fearful investors back into the market? Hopefully, conservative products that allow them to sample equities while enjoying a cushion of income.


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